For only $100, become a Lifetime Member-Owner of Urban Roots and receive these benefits:

• Special Membership Offers – There are discount offers for member-owners, and several special pre-order offers to member-owners annually.

• First to Know! – Member-owners receive first notification via email of special events, pricing specials, new store arrivals, etc.

• Voting rights! – It’s your co-operative. All member owners receive voting rights at annual and special meetings (so long as they shall live). This makes them able to vote on store policy and board of director elections. Only member-owners can serve on the board.

Download the membership form here.

Why become a member?

• Your city. Your store. We are a cooperatively-owned, for-profit retail garden center, offering plants and plant-related supplies. We are open to the public and are committed to the betterment of our West Side neighborhoods and to the City of Buffalo. We know that keeping local dollars in the immediate area benefits all of us.

• A membership lasts a lifetime. Purchasing a member-ownership means that you will own a stake in Urban Roots for as long as you live.

• Getting a membership is easy. We accept credit cards at the store for memberships, and new member owners can pay in installments of $25.

• Buy Local – strengthen the community! Urban Roots is strengthening our surrounding community; continued investment in locally owned businesses helps raise the value of homes in our neighborhood.

• Save money on gas! Save your time! You now have access to a fully stocked gardening center just blocks from your house.

• Build your gardening skills! Urban Roots offers free or discounted workshops on topics like summer bulbs, shade gardening and composting.

• Always something new! Urban Roots frequently updates displays, products, variety, and featured items for our customers – so every time you visit there will be something new to discover.

• Become a member of a gardening community! We host regular plant swaps among members.

• The co-op model is good for Buffalo and the country. Our vision is of Urban Roots Community Garden Center becoming a replicable model for cooperative garden centers in other urban areas.

• As evidenced by the Lexington Cooperative Food Market, the co-op model can be very successful in this neighborhood, and co-ops can serve as economic engines for growth and development. The Lexington Co-op has a similar structure to that of Urban Roots and boasts over 10,000 member owners.

Download the membership form here or now, sign up online!