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woolypocketJuly 10th

11 AM Container Gardening Workshop:

Dave Clark will teach you how to create beautiful container gardens and make one to take home. This workshop has a fee.

3 PM Living Roof Workshop

Visit Dave Lanfear’s two year old living roof on Buffalo’s West Side. ┬áDiscover the benefits of a living roof, and learn how to construct your own. “The Living roof is an idea which has waited too long to become mainstream. In an era of overheated, smog ridden cities the living roof, or green roof, makes a lot of sense,” says Dave. “By cooling and cleaning both air and water, and providing greenspace and wildlife habitat, green roofs make the city an even better place to live. Add to these benefits triple the roof life and the potential to super insulate the top of a building and it’s hard to imagine why a roof wouldn’t be living.”

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