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Another session of the discussion series, Gardeners’ Give & Take, met at Urban Roots on Saturday February 5.  Well attended by both familiar and new faces, the group took on a series of very interesting garden topics:

  • Oh, those rascally rabbits, that eat our shrubs in winter, our crocuses and other spring bulbs, and other perennial and annuals… some experiences with chicken wire, repellents, as well as clever solutions like providing alternate food sources.
  • The dilemma of encroaching shade… how can we adapt our sun-loving vegetable beds or flower gardens, or is tree-trimming the answer?
  • Tomatoes in containers
  • The Wild Garden, a book by Rick Darke and William Robinson, led us to discuss creating gardens as sustainable ecosystems, choosing plants to fit the sites we garden, naturalizing plants and gardening in a naturalistic style, the living fence, and more.

Gardeners’ Give & Take will meet three more times:  February 19, March 5 and 19, on Saturday mornings at 10 am.  Come and join in the talk!

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