We’re glad you’re interested in learning more about joining our Board of Directors.

Urban Roots is currently the only cooperative community garden center in the world, and we hope to be a model for upcoming cooperative garden centers that will enrich their surrounding communities.

We would love for you to be a part of this ongoing endeavor. Board Membership provides:

•An opportunity to apply your skills to the West Side renaissance.
•Opportunities to work in a co-operative board environment.
•Networking among co-op, gardening, and west side community enthusiast.
•A networking and resume-building relationship.

The purpose of the Board is to uphold the mission and principles of Urban Roots and oversee the financial planning and business operations of Urban Roots. That means the Board votes on decision that affect the store, the premise of Urban Roots, and its employees. The board is also responsible for property management of the LLC. To qualify for consideration to become a board member, one must:

•Be (or become) a member of Urban Roots.
•Demonstrate enthusiasm for Urban Roots mission, principles, and priorities.
•Commit 2-4 hours/week to advance Urban Roots objectives, which may include hands-on labor on behalf of the LLC.
•Commit to serve at least a two-year term, with opportunities to renew.
•Have access to reliable transportation, regular e-mail access, and phone service.

New Board Members should be able to lead or contribute in one or more of the following priority areas:

•Fundraising, marketing, and public relations
•Finance/fiscal management
•Retail business development and management
•Cooperative organization
•Organizational development
•Board leadership and facilitation
•Property management/maintenance

Experience in the following areas is also useful:

•Understanding of garden center operations and/or products
•Membership drives/community outreach
•Volunteer coordination
•Event planning
•Grant writing
•Media relations
•Facilitation and group process

Read the Urban Roots Bylaws for more information.

To learn more about becoming a board member, contact us at (716) 362-8982 or e-mail our Board. Potential board members should submit a resume and/or statement of interest for consideration. We encourage potential board members to attend a board meeting in advance of board member elections, which typically take place in October.

Current Board of Directors:

Onda Simmons – Board Chair
J.D. Hartman – Vice Chair
Chuck Papia – Treasurer
Jeanne Marie Jarka – Secretary
Amy Holt
Nicole Hooper
Andrew Llyod
John Lenahan
Monique Watts