Annual Meeting and Member-Owner Appreciation Day

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Picture 5

Saturday, October 6th from 9am -5pm Come vote for new Board members and chat with the current board. Review financials and discuss what’s in store for Urban Roots. Member -Owner Appreciation Day and Plant Swap Special discounts for Member-Owners only, free refreshments and the Nickel City String Band. Plant Swap from 9am – 2pm It’s how… Read more »

Spring bulbs have arrived!

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bulbs 2014

Grab your trowel and pull on your boots! It’s (finally) time to start planting bulbs!
As the growing season of 2014 winds down it’s nice to plan something beautiful for next years garden. We have over 50 kinds of bulbs to choose from in the shop.

Three reasons to plant in the fall

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butterfly bush with butterfly

Less stress for the plant Warm summer days can cause plants to be stressed because they can’t absorb enough water to support healthy growth. This is especially true for those that are newly planted and don’t have extensive root systems. Cooler air temperatures during fall months make it easier to newly planted shrubs and perennials… Read more »

Plants for fall interest | anemone

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Anemone Whirlwind

Fall blooming anemones are one of the delights of the garden in the later season. The flowers of these perennials sit atop tall stems and sway in the breeze, which led to their common name ‘windflower.’ The genus anemone contains over 120 species across all temperate areas. The name comes from the Greek ‘daughter of the wind.’

Plants for fall interest | Viburnum

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V. wentworth

Viburnum shrubs have beautiful white flowers in the spring and showy leaves and fruit in the fall. The genus is native throughout the northern hemisphere, so there are quite a few species and cultivars. Many varieties are native to the US, and more specifically to western NY.

Urban Roots is seeking new board members

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UR sign

  Urban Roots a consumer cooperative business on the West Side that endeavors to provide quality gardening products while enriching our local community. Any member owner is welcome to apply (if you’re not a member yet, you can become one at any time!). First and foremost we seek applicants who are enthusiastic about furthering our… Read more »

In the vegetable garden at Urban Roots

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The two raised beds in the nursery yard were planted by the WASH project. Recently people have been noticing the GIANT tomatoes slowly ripening in the jungle-like tomato bed. What are they? Buffalo Giant Heart tomatoes that were part of our heirloom vegetable program in the late spring. With the name ‘Buffalo Heart’ we need… Read more »

New plants for fall planting

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corepsis murcury rising

Fall is a great time for planting shrubs, trees and perennials. Cooler air temperatures mean the plants aren’t as stressed as they are in the summer and warm soil allows plants to develop healthy roots systems.